Hackathon by the Sea
to Dec 2

Hackathon by the Sea

  • VCOE Conference and Educational Services Center (map)
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We are working with the Ventura County Office of Education to host the first high school hackathon in Ventura, CA. This event is open to all Ventura County High School students in grades 9th-12th. 


VCOE Conference and Educational Services Center

5100 Adolfo Road Camarillo, CA 93012

If you'd like to volunteer as a mentor at this event, please register here! 

Our lead Hacker Fund mentors for this event include Marcus Bernales and Bryce Check

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National Day of Civic Hacking
8:00 AM08:00

National Day of Civic Hacking


Hacker Fund is working in partnership with the Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti and Hack for LA to organize National Day of Civic Hacking. 

Want to apply your technology skills to help Los Angeles and the environment? Join us on the 2017 National Day of Civic Hacking where you’ll get to work with LA Sanitation recycling experts and civic tech mentors to compete for cash prizes and incubation.


Recycling contamination is when unrecyclable items are put in the recycling bin. Contamination is a major issue because it degrades the quality of our recyclables, which in turn sends more waste to landfills. Contaminants can also break recycling machinery and cause safety hazards for recycling workers – For instance, glass or electronic waste can be a very dangerous contaminant if it is added to the wrong recycling container.


In this hackathon, we will (1) try to better understand the items that are most problematic and where they are coming from; and (2) come up with innovative solutions to expand on in the coming months.



Best use of data. LASAN is providing data of contamination rates across their different facilities, broken down by material. In addition, they are sharing data about their outreach efforts.


Best idea pitch. There are limitless creative ways to approach reducing recycling contamination. Look at innovative things other cities have done using design, targeted education, and strategic partnerships, or come up with your own concept!

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