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Charitable • Educational • Scientific


We empower technologists to create social change.


Educational Resources

We are invested in the professional development of our members so we organize workshops, hackathons, and summits year-round. Members can learn a new development framework or innovative strategies for fundraising through social media!

capacity building services

Our team ensures that members operate their projects effectively and thrive in the fast-changing world. We provide our members with a nationwide network of volunteers, grant directories, fundraising tools, prototyping labs, and much more! 

Fiscal sponsorship

No 501(c)(3)? No problem, we follow the best practices of the National Network of Fiscal Sponsors. Members who join our incubator can solicit public donations and apply for foundation grants. We handle all the administrative paperwork with IRS compliance, including disclosures, so members can focus on their programs.



Our members work alongside city government officials and nonprofits to liberate the disadvantaged, educate the broader community, and protect the environment. Members mentor at hackathons, teach workshops in community facilities in their city, and create new technologies that can be used to help prevent climate change. Members can apply for research funding and continue working on their projects using our network of facilities, equipment, and educational resources. 



Our programs and services are supported through donations made by our monthly contributors from the general public. These folks envision a sustainable future in which our members are liberating the disadvantaged, educating the broader community, and protecting the environment. 

Projects sustained by our contributors have collectively received funding and in-kind support from 100+ different sponsors since 2014, including the amazing organizations featured below. 

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All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Your commitments to innovation, learning and development have been of great benefit to our City. I commend the creativity and excellence with which Hacker Fund operates....png