The Hacker Fund Board of Directors establish the standards for the organization and evaluate the growth and impact of its programs. Its members appoint the Executive Director who runs the day-to-day operations of the organization and leads the team of staff and volunteers.

Board Chair

Patti Spencer is a fiscal sponsorship expert and fund development professional with 30+ years of nonprofit sector experience. Her work at Heluna Health (formerly PHFE) and La Clinica de Familia in New Mexico underscore her ability to enhance revenue source options that grow and sustain successful nonprofit organizations. She received her Masters of Public Administration from Wichita State University in 1995.

Board Treasurer

Alex is a CPA who began his professional career at PwC, working in consulting & auditing for both private and public entertainment and technology companies. Combining his skillset as a CPA with his passion for the entertainment industry, Alex transitioned to business management with Holthouse, Carlin & Van Trigt (HCVT). As Treasurer, he ensures Hacker Fund operates in compliance with proper accounting standards.

Board Secretary

Shahan is the former CTO of Polymail (YC S16) and was a founding officer of Hacker Fund in 2014. He is a makerspace design expert who built CTRL Collective - one of the largest innovation centers in West Los Angeles, which now has expanded to several locations in the United States. As the "Hacker Fund panda", he spearheads the development of maker curriculum and leads hardware workshops at hackathons.

Board Member

During his time as a board member, Anand has held technical roles at companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Blizzard, and Lyft, advocating for mentorship on each team he joined. He has helped engineer many of the technical processes that have allowed Hacker Fund to scale its volunteer base to over 150 technology companies. He currently serves as Senior Implementation Services Engineer at HashiCorp and continues to direct the development of Hacker Fund's core infrastructure technology.

Board Member

Eva is a community-builder who cofounded Cal Hacks and Project Humanize. Today, she continues to empower communities at Notion. She is passionate about teaching empathy to foster better listeners, advisors, and humans. Her framework for mentorship is the basis for the Hacker Fund volunteer experience. As the "Hacker Fund elephant", she has led the training of mentors and has MCed hackathons with 1000+ attendees throughout the United States.

Board Member

Gemma is a mixed reality education specialist who founded HackEDU (which later became Hack Club). She is a Thiel Fellow & received the Forbes 30 under 30 Award for her work as CEO of Discovr Labs, a development studio that creates training experiences using immersive tech. As Education Programs and XR Specialist at Unity, she built the developer evangelism program that scaled globally. She advises Hacker Fund on mixed reality curriculum development and lab design.

Founder & Executive Director

Justin (aka "Brezh") has served as President of the Hacker Fund Board of Directors and as Executive Director (the "hacker cat") running day-to-day operations since 2014. He kicked off his hackathon-organizing career as the cofounder of Hacktech and LA Hacks and has become one of the top hackathon organizers in the world. He has raised millions of dollars as professional fundraising counsel and a fund developer for social enterprises. Before Hacker Fund, he built the Coaching Program at Major League Hacking that now serves 65k+ hackers globally. As a resource contributor to the National Network of Fiscal Sponsors, he wrote the playbook on fiscal sponsorship for hackers.