MAY 10TH - JUNE 20TH, 2022



Supernova is a virtual hackathon produced by Hacker Fund for the DFINITY Foundation - the pioneers of the Internet Computer. You and members of your chapter can compete for cash prizes, grants, and seed investments in the process. You can play a key role in building out a new internet and compete for up to $6M in cash prizes and additional funding.


1 SocialFi. Your submission must be decentralized social media that incorporates tokenization ("social media" is defined broadly). For example, you might give out tokens to users that refer other users to your service, who post content that is appreciated, help with moderation, or do something else that is helpful. Show the world how good next-generation social media owned by its community can be!

2 GameFi. Your submission must be a decentralized game that incorporates tokenization ("games" is defined broadly). For example, the game experince could be built from JavaScript, or an engine like Unity, and served from the Internet Computer into the browser, then interacting with backend blockchain code running on the Internet Computer. The game must involve tokens as incentives or prizes. It could be a multi-player card game, or space invaders that pays out bitcoin when the high score is beaten. You should have a plan to defeat cheating, for example using dynamically inserted CAPTCHAs. Help make sure Web3 gaming is game on!

3 Metaverse and NFTs. Your submission must incorporate a system or code framework that supports building decentralized metaverses ("metaverse" is defined broadly). If you want to take on laying the foundations for an actual decentralized metaverse, of course you can do that too! For example, you could submit a system that sells online real estate as NFTs, or enables multiple players to interact inside a virtual space. Or you could show how a powerful gaming engine can be repurposed for use in the metaverse. Join the grand mission to make sure the metaverse is decentralized and open!

4 Asynchronous DeFi. When a blockchain transaction invokes a smart contract on old-school blockchains, and it calls another contract, which calls another, and another, the functions of the different contracts run on a single call stack. This makes them very insecure thanks to re-entrancy, which has been one of the biggest sources of hacks on blockchain to date. Another problem is that transactions must be run in sequence, which creates a firm upper bound on transaction throughput. On the Internet Computer, smart contract calls run in parallel, because smart contracts (called "canisters") are "software actors". This removes a key security vulnerability, and provides for the unbounded, efficient scaling of blockchain computation. Now create a 100% on-chain and scalable auction house for NFTs, or a decentralized exchange for tokens. Or create a software library that helps others with the new way of coding DeFi. Or write code that interacts with other blockchains. Be a trailblazer for a new DeFi paradigm!

5 Public Good / Social Impact. Tokens create powerful incentives that can help new services and ventures succeed. But blockchain is not just about "success" in the conventional sense. The world faces many difficulties, including climate change, pollution, war, oppression, economic inequality, and fake news. This is your chance to build something that makes a difference, in whatever field you choose!

6 Blue Sky. Are you feeling constrained by the foregoing categories? Compete in this category and build anything you like, as long as it involves the Internet Computer!


Live Hackathon Kickoff Event
11:00am PDT (San Francisco)
03:00pm EDT (New York)
07:00pm GMT (London)
08:00pm CET (Zürich)
02:00am CST (Beijing) +1 day
03:00am JST (Tokyo) +1 day

Project Submission Deadline 
11:45pm PDT (San Francisco)
02:45am EDT (New York) +1 day
07:45am GMT (London) +1 day
08:45am CET (Zürich) +1 day
02:45pm CST (Beijing) +1 day
03:45pm JST (Tokyo) +1 day

Demo Day & Grand Prize Ceremony
Times and details TBA


For inspiration: take a look at what people have built already or start coordinating with prospective team members using Open Chat, a SocialFi chat service that runs from the Internet Computer, where your account will soon also be a wallet.